The Barnabas ministry is dedicated to encouraging and building up members, contacting and following up with all new members and visitors.


This ministry is responsible for fulfilling the congregation's benevolent needs; assistance for the needy, sick, and bereaved through a spirit of love and concern.

Bible Correspondence Course

We offer a free Bible Correspondence Course designed to provide (or reinforce) a fundamental understanding of the entire Bible - Genesis through Revelation. Sign up

Building & Grounds

This ministry is responsible for improving and maintaining the overall appearance and usefulness of the church facility - internal and external.

Care Groups

Care Groups are responsible for seeing that each member of the church develops close relationships and has needs met. The Care Groups also serve as a church communication tool (telephone tree) to quickly disseminate important church information among members.


This ministry is responsible for conducting prevention, enrichment, and training pertaining to family needs and support. More counseling information


The Education ministry is responsible for the planning and coordination of the congregation's educational programs and assuring that the congregation has a solid Biblical foundation based upon sound doctrine.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

This ministry is designed to help those who desire to improve their English skills. As people improve their English skills they will also learn the Bible. The classes are FREE. Each student is taught by trained members of the East Allen County congregation. Register


This ministry is responsible for recording and maintaining accurate financial records concerning income and expenses; responsible for timely payments of all expenses incurred by the congregation and responsible for developing and preparing appropriate department expense records for the church annual budget.

Hearing Impared

The Hearing Impared ministry is responsible for providing a spiritual environment for growth and assuring that the proper signing, teaching, and educational tools are available for those who are hearing impaired.

Kids for Christ

Kids for Christ is responsible for providing a spiritual environment for growth for kids that are in grades 1 through 5 via wholesome and enjoyable activities including picnics, Bible story time, games, and special youth events.


The goal of this ministry is to fulfill its responsibility to carry the Good News to all the world via coordinating with church missionaries in the field and planned mission trips.

WinGS (Women in God's Service)

The WinGS ministry is responsible for encouragement and support to women in the congregation through devotions, Bible study, fellowship, and church and community projects.


This ministry is responsible for developing and providing a Christian growth environment for the congregational youth via youth fellowships, Bible studies, mission trips, and community/church service projects.