"I have come that they may have life and have it to the full."   John 10:10

How can I know if I need counseling?

Not everyone needs counseling and not everyone who could benefit from counseling needs a long extended or intensive series of sessions. But anyone who suffers a loss, experiences financial reverses, or has difficulty in a relationship with a family member or friend may find counseling useful. Below are some situations and symptoms that may suggest you need to search out a confidant or trusted friend to "just talk".

If you are grieving:

and there is extensive indecisiveness, there is suppression of emotions or apparent insensitiveness, there is behavior that is detrimental to your own best interest, there is self-punishment, hyperactivity, enshrinement or altered relationships...

If you are married:

and there is constant shouting, nagging, arguing, grumbling or whining, there is no time for a husband and wife to be alone together without distraction, there is disagreement on important matters like finances, discipline of children or sexual compatibility, there is mental, physical, or sexual abuse...

If in your family:

there is excessive complaining, arguing, rebellion, or disobedience of children, there is little or no time interacting with other family members, there is dictatorial or abusive rules of one family member that excludes or ignores the wishes of other family members...

If depression is present:

and there is hopelessness, despair, apathy, loss of perspective, loss of self-esteem, or over sensitiveness...


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